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Will McGillisLanguage Arts 3Mr. Canonaco20 April 2013The RefrigeratorThe invention of the refrigerator changed the world forever. Think about the many people who contributed to the boom of refrigerators, the evolution of refrigerators, how business played a role in refrigeration, and how they impact us. Our lives would be completely different without it. For instance, our diets would change dramatically. The milk we eat, cheese we eat, and specialty foods such as ice cream would all be different. We would be forced to drink milk from a farm very close to our house so it does not go bad soon. The same applies to cheese and all dairy products. Think about this; America has taken heat for more children and people becoming overweight or obese. Foods such as fast food, ice cream, and other frozen foods could very well not exist. The production of frozen foods would be mighty difficult if it were not for the refrigerator. The doorway was opened for fattening foods such as ice cream, refrigerator bacon, sausage, and frozen pizza. The list could go on forever. People would be healthier and learn to grow a garden or learn to cook their own hamburger. They wouldn't rely on an unhealthy billion-dollar industry to cook a frozen patty for them. Our lives are much easier due to the refrigerator. Before mechanical refrigeration, people were forced to make metal boxes insulated with hay and an ice block placed on top to keep something cool. Nowadays, we can open a door and place an item on a shelf and it can stay healthy for weeks. Refrigerators have certainly come a long way since the beginning of their existence. With the hard work of many men, they changed our lives for the better.The invention of the refrigerator was a lengthy process. It took about 100 years from when the first refrigerator was produced until the production of refrigerators took off. William Cullen made up the first design of a refrigerator in 1748. Although he designed a refrigerator, his design was not made for practical purpose. There were not enough technological advancements at the time for his design to be built. In fact, it wouldn't be until 1805 until a refrigerator was even designed for a real purpose (History of the Refrigerator). It was designed by Oliver Evans, an American inventor, who also invented steam powered cars (Sherlock 14). In 1834, the first mechanical refrigerator was built. A man built it by the name of Jacob Perkins. It used a vapor compression cycle to be able to cool things (History of the Refrigerator). In 1844, an American physician named John Gorrie used Perkins' model to build a refrigerator to make ice cool the air for his yellow fever patients. Dr. Gorrie is often considered the father of refrigeration and air conditioning. This makes a lot sense, being that Dr. Gorrie is from Florida (Sherlock 48). The scorching Florida heat brought a need for air conditioning and refrigeration. Another key contributor to the invention of the refrigerator...

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