Porter's Speech (Creative Writing From Macbeth)

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Who is there in the middle of the night? Knocking and grumbling at the gate of hell where I am the guard who waves farewell on your journey towards the eternal damnation! Who is there? Come on in, I command you, in the name of the devils! Look, here comes the obsessed stock traders, face-painting gamblers who gather together from morning to dawn, looking at the stock prices like a crowd of ants, pathetically waiting to be rich day after day for the good luck that they believe will eventually fall on them. But time ...view middle of the document...

However, you cannot escape from the judgments of heaven! The truth will still remain in eternity, come and speak for yourself! Look, here comes the communist government! A state of "rotten" politicians who take the donations for the starving villagers to buy luxuries for their own! These heartless beasts would rather have others starve to death than to buy one less jewel for their wife! The richness they own is tremendously fatal, yet the greed is stealing away their hearts and conscience, still desiring to swipe away more money that is urgently in need for salvation. Come here you communists, look, another donation is made, millions of dollars, just for you! (Knock knock) Stop knocking, never any peace! Ok now, I will no longer pretend to be the porter at hell's gate, I will go back to my proper duty. (knock knock) Coming, coming, immediately! Please do not forget the gatekeeper!

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