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Safety is essential in the heavy equipment industry. As a company safety impacts the company’s profitability and the well-being of employees. Therefore a training program centered on safety is not only vital, it is practical. The training will begin at orientation and continue throughout an employee’s tenure with the company. In heavy construction, failure to operate safely can cost lives, therefore the company is by nature forced to ensure that employees are aware of and follow safe operating practices.
Vital Training
The training is essential for several reasons. The company needs to ensure the safety of their employees is highly regarded. The best method to ensure this is by properly training employees how to operate safely and how to properly maintain machines to avoid accidents due to unsafe equipment. One source noted that at least five percent of payroll expenses should be devoted to training employees (Ingalls, 2013). Doing so can reduce insurance claims as well as mitigates poorly performed jobs (Ingalls, 2013). Insurance costs are high in this industry; therefore anything that a company can do to try to alleviate unnecessary claims aids in keeping costs under control. According to OSHA (2014) preventing work related injuries involves good practices, awareness on the part of employees, and a sound work environment that may include ergonomically fit machines or supports for climbing in and out of machines.
The construction industry is a dangerous industry, one that is very hard on the body. It cannot only be damaging to a body climbing in and out of a machine all day long, but it can be dangerous as well. One miss step can result in an injury. This underscores the need to properly train employees on all aspects of jobsite safety. Improper operation can lead to major injury or worse death; therefore proper training and enforcement of training is vital for worksite safety.
Methods to Overcoming Barriers
Typically, employees, although they may not like training, will not fight a safety training program. The training developed will orientate new employees to the company as well as set safety expectations and guidelines. The actual training program is helpful in learning about the company policies, procedures and expectations. Employees who have several years of experience may view the training as unnecessary. However, one study shows that training programs have been found to reduce injury in 71% and 66% of the companies polled found that they increased the likelihood of earning additional contracts (Professional Safety, 2014). Understanding the impact that safety has not only on employee’s well-being but on the reputation of the company is important to impress on employees.
There are a variety of sources available on safety training. The company itself has produced manuals for employees to abide by that will be emphasized in this training addressing company policies, Fleet safety as well as drug policies (Cornell,...

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