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Portfolio Reflection Essay

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I would like to begin by saying I have been a Laboratory technician for over ten years now and have worked at my current job for over three years. I began my internship with the feeling that I would not have anything to write or say about the experience but I was wrong. I started out with the blood bank department. I work my weekends in that department, we are assigned a department for weekend rotations. My supervisor is also the blood bank department supervisor. I came to the Houston Medical Center with little blood bank experience and will leave there with a very good understanding of blood bank. I had never performed a patient type and screen with the GEL technology before. I love using GEL. I find that the sensitivity is so much better than your old tube testing. I started out with the blood types, we use a special repeater pipette that can expel multiple samples. First you take the ABO RH card label it and pull the cover off the top. You then pipette your back type a and b cell 50ul each into the appropriate section. Next I add 25ul of patient plasma and add that to the back type a and b cell. To make the cell suspension you take 25ul of patient cells and add one dispense of the 2 plus diluent mix well and pipette 12.5up into the A, B, D, and D control sections of the GEL card. At this point you are ready to spin the card in the special GEL card centrifuge for 10 minutes. I found the type to take longer this way but when you are doing multiple types and screens it helps and things get done in a timely manner. To perform a screen with the GEL cards you need an IgG GEL card and the screen calls. First you label your card with screen cell I, II , and III then takes 50ul of each screen cell and add it to the appropriate section then you will add 25ul of patient plasma and incubate at 35 degrees C for 15 minutes. Once incubated you will then spin the screen card for 10 minutes in the GEL card centrifuge. I think when you are using GEL cards you pick up antibodies better than when you are using the tube method.
I have also observed and read the procedure for the therapeutic phlebotomies. This was on the checklist so my supervisor set up a few times that I could observe the process. I did participate in the preparation of the patient by taking the temperature and blood pressure, also asking them all the questions they are required to answer. The Phlebotomist explained to me the process as she performed the phlebotomy. Once the CBC was finished and the H&H was where it should be the phlebotomy began withdrawing about 450 grams of whole blood. The patient was given a juice and a snack while they waited the 15 minutes post phlebotomy before leaving.

Next I started in the chemistry department, not my favorite department but that’s only because I like more hands on type work like blood bank. I have worked in this department off and on over the past 10 years and not much has changed except for the instruments used. There will always be specimens...

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