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Portfolio Of An Obese Nation Essay

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Portfolio of An Obese Nation

The following portfolio is collation of information, statistics,
references and work of the media in relation to the current situation
of an obese nation. The portfolio specifies to the ‘Active England’
programme which is a new initiative from Sport England.

The portfolio discusses the impact of lottery funding and the
contemporary issue of the decline of the sale of National Lottery

To complete the portfolio future recommendations have been suggested
regarding the issue of funding.

1.0 – Introduction

Sport in today’s society is possibly the most encouraged activity to
participate in, there are a number of minority groups within the
nation who are not getting the opportunities to take part within
sport, and therefore key agencies in sport such as Sport England are
devising strategies to prevent the situation from growing.

This portfolio has been devised to identify the problem of funding for
the ‘Active England’ organisation.

1.0 – ‘Active England’ - The Organisation

The Aim:

“To contribute to the health and well being of all sections of
society, but in particular those sections of society that typically do
not take part in sport and physical activity”

Programme funding is £108.5 million.

The government strategy for delivering its sport and physical activity
objectives, Game Plan, sets a target of 70% of the population in
England being reasonably active by the year 2020. In addition, Game
Plan, suggests “an innovation fund should be established to support
local ideas.” This investment seeks the step-change required in
physical activity and sports participation levels by supporting a
number of innovative projects that demonstrate their ability to work
towards this vision.

These seven themes will underpin Active England:

- Addressing the issues of an increasingly ageing population

- Working to alleviate time pressures and the work / life balance

- Finding solutions to the problems of obesity and promoting well

- Increasing levels of investment through linked funding

- Better utilising educational resources and related opportunities

- Providing new approaches to variations in access across social

- Supporting volunteers and professionals in developing activities

“A population in which nearly 40% of all elderly people live alone and
are acutely aware of loneliness had clearly not yet found how, through
their leisure activities , to add re-engagement to retirement on any
significant scale – except for a small minority with large incomes and
with some experience of further or higher education”

Abrams, M. (1995) ‘Leisure Time Use by the Elderly and Leisure
Provision for the Elderly’, in C. Critcher, P. Bramham and A.
Tomlinson (eds), Sociology of Leisure – A...

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