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Portfolio Project Google Innovation Essay

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Portfolio Project Google Innovation
Google Inc. a search engine created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 a company that has become one of the fast growing companies focused on internet-related service and products. (Google, n.d.) Google is an innovated company that empowers their employees to think freely. A company that has shown many outsiders what innovation can accomplish creating ideas such as google glasses, google+ and android phones. Google’s constant innovation has made google a contender in the innovation arena. Even though on the smaller scale next to Apple, Google is not far behind in innovation as they continue to be competitors in tech innovation. As stated by Popelka (2013) “Google appears to be on the verge of taking over the tech innovation throne once held by Apple.” While the success of Google is at an all-time high .Google maintains it innovation image through its mission, ambition and continuance to build. These three innovation strategies have put google alongside the big wigs such as Apple and Microsoft. There constant push for success and innovations has lead Google into many innovation and adventures their innovation strategies have pushed them and given them a platform of success throughout many years. If it was the extreme efforts put forth by staff and ideas Google would not be the company it is today and they will continue to strive using their innovation strategies for success.
As we see Google logo we think innovation. Yet do we really know why Google has been so innovative? It is the culture of Google’s interworking that have help Google successfully compete against Microsoft and Apple. Their products are not only innovative but their culture with in their organization say a lot about a company and how their products convey their personalities from the inside out. The Dynamic of Google culture screams innovation they hold meetings which are called stand-up meetings. These meetings allow each staff member to come together and share their ideas and what project they are currently working on. These meetings are put in place for every employee to teach them the meaning of dedication in allowing the employees to understanding that they are there to work hard and every second counts. Google is about rituals and creating a culture that is based on hard work, dedication and completion of project in a timely manner. According to Kreitner and Kinicki (2011), “Organizational Behavior” (p. 33). “Google, for example, the core design teams of 16 employees have daily “stand-up” meetings. “Everyone working on the project gathers standing up, to make sure no one gets too comfortable and no time is wasted during the rapid-fire update. “These stand-up meetings are an artifact of Google’s desire to work hard and get things done in a timely manner. Artifacts are easier to change than the less visible aspects of organizational culture.” Google creative culture has given Google the success and creativity has served Google well...

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