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Portion Control Essay

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“Would you like to super size that?” Many people in today’s society are well aware with the ever-popular phrase and concept of “super sizing.” The term, supersize, according to Webster’s Dictionary is “a larger than average or standard size.” Today, the term supersize is correlated with the fast food business’s cleverly targeted marketing tactic to persuade customers to a larger size food product at a marginally greater price. Although statistical findings demonstrate that since the late nineteen hundreds, portion sizes in both the home and restaurant industries have amplified, the cause for concern is in the substantial increase in the size of fast food offerings, such as soft drinks (the ...view middle of the document...

Through out the course of this semester, my group and I have set out in researching a foolproof process to put an end to obesity, and by way of our public service announcement, we have demonstrated straightforward and easy ways to not allow yourself to be another statistic in this global crisis. This paper will discuss and provide an in depth analysis of the topic of portion control and it’s effect in aiding to end obesity.
A common explanation of “portion control” is understanding how much a serving size actually is. A serving size could realistically be any amount of preference, therefore portion control does not immediately limit the quantity of a substance. Nutrition experts have developed simple rules or principles rather to explain a portion of any meal for easy suggestions. These suggestions serve as a form of common knowledge for the public. Those common suggestions are then readily available to be used by individuals to assess what quantity of any food would be an ideal consumption for a person of that specific size in order to prevent weight gain or other potentially severe diseases. Many people use these serving size amounts to easily eyeball their food intake, and knowingly select the sizes that they deem appropriate. Despite all of this easily accessible knowledge to consumers, a simple explanation of portion control does not actually constrain one’s food-intake. The so called “tool of knowledge” is there and available to all at any given time, but individuals can still choose to eat whatever serving size of food they desire, and ultimately the very problems facing the world today arise from the fact that people do not use these recommended guidelines.
To be able to understand the lack of portion control in today’s society, we must first understand who is specifically at risk for failing to utilize these suggested servings and the responsible causes. In the past thirty years, the frequency of youth obesity has doubled among children “ages two to five, nearly tripled among youth ages six to eleven, and has more than tripled among adolescents ages twelve to nineteen.” Further, the most recent statistics continue to advise that obesity has a more rapid influence on minorities, including African Americans and Hispanics. A complicated relationship of social, economic and environmental factors contribute to higher overweight and obesity rates among African American and Latino children.
Among one of these factors is the food environment among Latino and African American communities that is often lacking in approachability and convenience to affordable, healthier food options. Statistically proven, Hispanic neighborhoods have approximately “one-third as many chain supermarkets as other communities.” Because of the absence...

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