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Portland: The Best City Essay

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Everybody sometimes has to decide where they want to live. People choose between big cities and small towns. Which they choose depends upon their background. Someone prefers big cities like New York and Los Angeles, but others choose small towns like Vancouver or Corvallis. I like to live in Portland. Portland is a good and beautiful city.The first reason why I choose to live in Portland is because I have many of my relatives here. My parents want to live here because my father has a good job in Portland. My uncle lives here and when I have problems I can ask him for help. Also all my friends are living in Portland. I have really good friends here, and I don't want to lose them. In Portland there are many Russian people with whom I can meet.Another thing what I like about Portland is that people are very pleasant. They are nice and courteous. Not only in stores are salespeople pleasant to you, but also at the gas stations you can even pay for gasoline and do not leave your car. At some gas stations workers will clean the front window. Everywhere on the roads people will give you room to come when there is traffic. When you buy a house your neighbors come to meet with you. You can ask your neighbors even for help. One time the old lady who lives in front of us asked me to take her mail because she would be out for few days. I took her mail and now I can figure on her help sometime.A third reason why I like to live in Portland is the weather. I really like the weather in Portland. The weather is the same in the Ukraine. I do not really have to adapt to the new climate. Portland does not have windy days. And I do not like wind, so it...

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