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Portrayal Of Women In Rap And Music Videos

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Misogyny and degradation of women is present in almost every genre of music, yet the one genre that completely revolves around demeaning women is rap. Over the years rap and rap music videos have continually become more sexual and degrading towards women. Rap has been criticized numerous times for this reason, and that is because rap is one of the most popular genres of music for the younger generations. It is more than a genre of music, it is a complete industry filled with clothing and other merchandise. The reason this constant demeaning of women exists is because rap as a genre that rewards the objectification of women. The excuses used to justify the misogyny in rap are incomplete and lack accurate support. The most effective way for this continuous cycle ends, is if the fight and protest comes from the women themselves. Men are the problem in the objectification of women but in order for it to stop, women need to step up and take control of the situation.
Women need to act sooner rather than later because in recent years the rap industry has become more and more sexual. Rap is critiqued so harshly because many rap artists take the exploitation of women to the next level. In his music video for “Tip Drill” Nelly swiped a credit card down a woman’s backside. Rap crosses the line more so than any other genre. Not only are women portrayed sexually in the music videos, but also in the rap songs themselves. The lyrics are explicit and usually go into great detail when they describe sexual acts. During an interview Nelly was asked why rap gets such hard criticism he replied with: “Part of the reason rap artists come under fire more than any other group is because people don’t respect what we do as art. When actress Halle Berry appears in Monster’s Ball, people separate the character from the real person, and she wins an Oscar! A rapper couldn’t use a line describing what she did in the movie, let alone film it in a video, without getting heat for it” (Keyes 256). While some may choose to side with this argument, rap truly takes sexual portrayal of women in both music videos and songs to the next level.
In rap music videos, diamond covered rappers stand next to cars as scantily dressed women dance around them. This is the premise of the majority of rap music videos and both young girls and boys all over the world see the constant objectification of women in these videos. Naturally this concerns the parents of these kids, and many critics believes that the images kids see on T.V directly correlate to their development and thinking: “exposure to rap music videos, which is explicit about sex and violence and rarely shows the potential long term adverse effects of risky behavior, may influence adolescents by modeling thee unhealthy practices” (Thrash). Parents should become more aware of these videos, and make sure that their young daughters are not watching them. Yet, once they get to the age where they could be recruited for these videos it is...

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