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Portrayals Of Masculinity In The Films Tough Guise And Oceans Eleven

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You can check only one document at the saTough Guise Review

Tough Guise is a documentary about how the media constructs how the male masculinity is formed and how it is to be a man in our society today. The man speaking throughout this film is discussing how there is a crisis in today's masculinity. Arguing there exist a crisis in today's masculinity and how everything that bad usually happens is because a man did it. The media advertises and portrays how men should act, but often how men are portrayed in the media are of violence acts and the degrading of women. Some of the examples in the film included WWE wrestling, going to a school and asking students what they would be called if not acting tough such as soft, fag etc. Music from such artists boys from the hood shows African males acting like thugs and getting money is how boys should act. Another part of the film it showed how all students that shot up a school were men. But in the media it would never say men is responsible for all the negative things that happen in the world such as war. If women were in charge I really doubt there would be so much violence in the world. To my conclusion it's not only the media and video games that shape boys but everyday society. Violence seems to be a normal everyday thing that happens all around us and it's a normal masculinity for men. This video enlightened me to rethink my own participation in masculinity.

Ocean's Eleven
I picked the movie Ocean's Eleven, this film was one of my favourites growing up I looked up to these stars and I felt like they were what a real man should be like. It's about a group of con's and ex-cons who work together for a big heist to rob 150 million dollars from a vault in Las Vegas. The main character is Danny Ocean he's fresh out of prison and looking to do a new job. He's a really smooth guy as portrayed in this film he has been a part of a dozen investigation and has not once been charged. Danny then looks for his old pal Rusty Ryan to run a heist to steal from three Las Vegas casino's of about 150 million dollars. They then go to scout out the casino's before they attempt to plan the job and upon entering they see Tess Danny's ex wife. Which Danny wants to steal back for himself. On the side note Danny Ocean wants to rob these Las Vegas vaults is because their owned by Terry Benedict who is married to Danny's former wife Tess. Then Danny ocean and Rusty Ryan hire nine men to do this job a card dealer Frank, pickpocket Linus, con artist Saul, British bomb man Basher, computer techies expert Dell, two brothers Virgil and Turk and a acrobat expert that can fit in tight spaces Yen. They follow...

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