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Portrayed As Evil Was He Essay

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Portrayed as Evil was He

In the book “In Cold Blood” we meet Perry Edward Smith one of the men accused of killing the Clutter family. Perry is a unique man for how he see the world and how the world sees him. Although the townspeople and those who had heard of the murder only saw Parry as a murder. There is however one man who sees Perry more than he appeared to be and that man was Truman Capote. Perry had an interesting life from how he was raised, becoming friends with Richard Eugene Hickock, to the murder of the Clutter family, all the way to Capote writing about him and the trail he and Dick must face. It was Capote who brought the idea that Perry was not a bad person persa but rather he made a mistake that has caused him to spend the rest of his life behind the bars of a jail.
Perry was born on October 27th, 1928 to two rodeo performers who would later separate when he was still a child. Perry would be raised by his mother who would battle with an addiction with alcohol his entire childhood. Before Perry could reach the age of adulthood his mother would die leaving him in the hands of a Catholic Orphanage. Where Perry was constantly abused both physical and emotional for wetting his bed, while would become a lifelong problem. In his teens Perry would go to live with his itinerant father. Within these years two of Perry’s sibling would end up killing themselves while his only living sibling would cut off all contact with Perry.
In World War II Perry would serve with the U.S. Merchant Marines, while serving he would visit other continents such as Asia. Perry would many skill that he would later use in his life. Not only had Perry served his country in World War II he was also a decorated Korean War veteran.
Perry had an unyielding childhood from the separation of his parents, to watching his mother’s drinking, to the abuse the he was given by the nuns who were supposed to care for him, finally to the deaths of two if his siblings. Although Perry suffered an unimaginable childhood he would still serve his country and risk his own life to keep all those who had wronged him safe. Perry was no monster but the victim of some and the witness of true monsters.
Perry would meet Richard (best known as Dick to most who knew him) while spending time in the Kansas State Prison, in Lansing Kansas. The two had created a bond that would only bring Perry’s worst out. While in prison Dick told Perry of a Family who had 10,000 dollars in a safe. When asked where he had heard this dick replied his former cellmate, Floyd Wells, who had worked as a farm hand for the family. It was After Dick was released in 1959 that the two decided to rob the Clutter family.
When the two went the Clutter’s home and Ransacked the home they discovered there was no safe and no money. It was after the money was not found the killings began. Perry would say Dick had killed the two women yet, he would not sign his confession. The reason for this was that Perry had felt some sort...

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