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Portugal Is My Choice Of A Dream That Is Real

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Portugal is My Choice of a Dream that is True
Portugal is a dream that is true. The land, the people and the culture draws me like a magnet. It is my first choice as the best place in this world. The landscape is diverse despite the small area of land Portugal covers. There are sandy beaches and golden plains as well as mountains and modern cities vying with millennial heritage sites. You can become one with Mother Nature in Portugal. The climate is the biggest plus point of Portugal. Football is the national passion of Portugal. Here you can indulge in water sports, winter sports and golf while sipping local wine and cuisines.
Destination Point
According to Serra, Correia & Rodrigues (2014), Portugal is the entry point of the Schenegen zone – the regions comprising of 26 countries of Europe that have done away with border control like passports. The visa policy is common. The Schengen region encourages free traffic of goods, money, information and people. Many speak foreign languages especially English. Portugal is geographically placed at a strategic point – here three continents of America, Europe and Africa meet. Across Portugal there are international airports. It takes only two and a half hours to reach Paris or London from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The country is linked by modern roads. It takes six hours to drive to Madrid. For nine centuries the boundaries of Portugal have been well defined. It has a democratic stable government. For over 26 years it is a member of the European Union. Portugal ranks high among the developed countries. It enjoys the highest GDP rate of growth for the last
4 decades among OECD (Organization for Economic and Commercial Development) countries. According to a survey it is one of the most peaceful countries in the world enjoying a high life quality. The cost of living is thought to be relatively low. With tax rules being transparent it is an ideal place not only for holidays but for putting down roots and buying a house.
Neves (2012) mentioned that Portugal is situated on the Iberian Peninsula in south-west Europe. The Atlantic Ocean skirts the west and south while Spain is to the east and north. The second largest city is Porto. The River Tagus splits mainland Portugal. The climate of Portugal is Mediterranean. North and central Portugal experiences regular snowfall. Portugal has a national park and many protected regions showcasing diverse flora including many pine species including oaks. Laurisilva is a protected rainforest – unique in Europe. The fauna too is diverse – badger, fox, lynx, wolf, wild cat and goat, bear etc. To migratory birds Portugal is...

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