Portyal Of Women In The Advertisement

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Portyal of Women in the Advertisment
Introduction: Advertisment is an important part of marketing world for any busines. And, advertisment companies spend million of dollors on creating new ideas and selling compaigns.In the same way, women are shown as a tool of product in the Ads,magazine,or for launching any product.They use women in those commercial Ads and prouducts, which designed purely for male.For example; Ads of Honda bikes(may ty honda hi lasa) and Gillete blade etc.On the other hands, media practitioners use women in different appeals.Like beauty and sex appeals. They associate females as sense of softness for their products in order to sell them in the market. Women mostly have ads that sell beauty and clothes in their magazines and not other ads such as ones that promote examples of new technology or innovation. These types of ads are typically only seen in male magazines.
In the same arena, advertisers and Ads agencies have faced so many challenges and problems on the topic of portyal of women in the Ads.But, according to Emma Bannister,"advertising has changed its themes to ‘move with the times."As women crossed the boundries from the domestic sphere to the proffesional.Their expectations and behaviour has been changed.And,the current trend is to porty women as a symbal of strength in the advertisment.There is no doubt that many of these criticisms were, and to an extent still are, valid. There also is no doubt that many advertisers have attempted to respond by discarding stereotypes and trying to create more appealing role incumbents. If any doubt exists that they have made these attempts in the face of extremely sparse information, we hope to dispel this doubt and will present a list of hypotheses which, though it is by no means exhaustive, is intended to encourage research in this area. Such research should provide guidance for day-to-day advertising decisions and at the same time increase our knowledge of consumer behavior in general and female consumers in particular.
The problem of female role portrayal in advertisements has many dimensions. We intend to deal with only a selected few of these dimensions most viable role for the chief female actor, her relationship to and interaction with significant others and the relationship between role portrayal and selected product categories. We have chosen these dimensions because they point to avenues of research which can help marketers in their analysis of basic strategy decisions such as product positioning and market segmentation while they improve their promotional strategy and execution. Some dimensions such as sexual innuendo, nudity, and violence have been omitted from our discussion because, although they are important creative issues, they seem less germane to major strategic considerations.
The purpose of this research paper is to focus on the portrayal of women in advertisements and whether or not those depictions reflect the...

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