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The Greek god that I got was Poseidon. He was the god of water, earthquakes, and finally horses. Poseidon can be usually found in Olympus or his water domain. He lives in his water domain in case a sailor would like to sacrifice a horse. Sailors would sacrifice a horse because Poseidon was the god horses’ too so he would protect the people that sacrifice a horse.

Poseidon had many family members. He had five siblings in all, three sisters and two brothers and a mother and father. His brothers were Zeus and Hades. His sister’s names were Hestia, Hera, and Demeter. His mother’s name was Rhea and his father was the evil titan, Cronus. Poseidon loved Amphrite. Amphrite was a sea nymph that Poseidon found underwater and started dating her. A few years later he married her.

Poseidon was a very tall and mature God. He had a long full black beard and carried a golden trident which can move water or start an earthquake. Poseidon had many symbols connected with him like a trident. Poseidon used a trident to move and control water. Another symbol connected with him is a horse. A horse because he made the first one. Finally a symbol is sea foam. Sea foam because he...

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