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Position Essay

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Saudi Arabia is the only country women cannot drive. It is an endless debate between who need it and who not. Since the 1990, this issue have been raising. Start in 1990 the first movement, followed by one in 2011, and last at October 26, 2013 and all of them failed to achieve the goal of unbanned women driving. At the last campaign at 2013, activists were optimistic that they will face no difficulties; but, two days before their protest, the Ministry of Interior re-emphasize that women are banned from driving. Also, the ministry warned women and their supporter that any violation would be punished. However, large number of people in Saudi Arabia argues against women driving. Their argument focused on the religion and social tradition.
Religious are against women driving. Their argument based on that women driving is against Islamic laws. Scholars in Islamic laws apply anything has no clear statement in Quran and Hadith to be gauged. They gauge upon wither it is an ultimate benefit or liability. As the driving fit into no clear statement category they forbid it. They have two reasons to forbid driving. Conservative thinks it is probable a women driving might be harassed. The raise number of harassment reported in National Post” A local Saudi newspaper reported that more than 3,100 cases of sexual harassment were recorded against women in 2012.” They use this report to support their argument. The other reason is that a driving would allow more mingling between men and women which will lead to temptation. A Muslim religious teacher of literature and history explained 'Driving could lead to temptations that would hurt the sanctity of women. . . ."
Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and most of its social norms are built on Islam. Women in Islam are encouraged to stay home and limit going out for something important. Also, female are segregated from men in schools, works, and events. So, religious and conservative think that driving would allow women to needlessly go out, uncover their faces and might meet with unrelated men.
Rare things either with ultimate benefit or liability but benefits can be measured against liability. Women driving would be beneficial in some matters and not in others. The approaches conservative and religious are taken about women driving which is harassment and mingling. They fear men will chase or harass female drivers. This is blaming the victim. If a male committed any type of harassment, they are the one should be educated and punished. Family, schools and government respectively has role to teach male how to respect with men in public and private places. Family and schools responsibility is to raise children to respect the opposite sex while Government is to put rules to punish offenders. Secondly, mingling between men and women would not necessarily result in temptation. The work places contain women and men work at the same place. There are no disrupting facts about women who work in...

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