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Legal Immigrant Campaign Essay

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Dear Mr. Roy Beck and members of NumbersUSA,
I am writing this letter from a perspective of a legal immigrant and an American citizen that I am now. Since the nature of your organization is to stop legal and illegal immigration, I feel the need to express my strongest disappointment in your most recent campaign against Comprehensive Immigration Reform and my disagreement with the message you convey to the American nation.
According to your organization the main issues involved are overpopulation, increase in unemployment rate, negative economic impact and amnesty. As an American citizen I understand and respect your concerns. However, I believe that Comprehensive Immigration Reform or Obama’s Common Sense Immigration Reform will overall benefit the American nation. I am certain the benefits of this reform will outweigh the risks.
Even though your organization believes that amnesty will potentially hurt our economic growth and will significantly increase the federal deficit, a recent study by Douglas Holtz-Eakin I suggests the opposite. In “Immigration Reform, Economic Growth, and the Fiscal Challenge” proposal he thoroughly reviews the possibility of increase in GDP (growth domestic product) due to increased population and labor force through immigration reform. He argues that absence of active immigration would lead to lower birth rate and lower labor force that would lead to an economic decline. His study predicts that economic growth would decrease federal deficit by over 2.7 trillion.

Next I would like to concentrate on your issue of overpopulation or “chain-immigration”. You argue that “chain-immigration” does not serve any purpose for the American nation except for overpopulation. Maybe my journey would make you reconsider.
I immigrated to the United States when I was twenty years old. I was forced to flee my home country because of my religious beliefs and was fortunate enough to be granted asylum, get my permanent resident status and finally my citizenship seven years after entering this country.
The reason behind my story is to make you realize that most of legal and illegal immigrants are forced to immigrate to another country: abandon their homes, families, loved ones and everything behind. In my case I had to leave my parents and brother behind. I have not seen...

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