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Position Of Memory Essay

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Memory can be either a devil or an angel at the same time. Memory is the mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience. Some people think it is an angel because it stores the happy events happened in our brain and we can recall the happiness again and again. On the other hand, it is like a devil because it can stores the bad experiences that we cannot recover from, and the experiences will pop up in our mind all the time. My opinion is that memory is an important adventure because it helps people to learn from the mistake in the past, and I want to analysis whether memories are good to people or not.Memory is good because it retains the lives in the past. In "The Angel of the Candy Counter" by Angelou, she writes her dental experience when her childhood. The dentist discriminate the author because she is nigra who is colored people. Her grandmother goes into the office and negotiates with the doctor and the doctor help Angelou fix her teeth. The author go back home with her grandmother whom she are very proud of, "On the Greyhound she took an inside seat in the black, and I sat beside her. I was so proud of being her granddaughter and sure that her magic must have come down to me." (Angelou 152). At the end of the story, I feel she respects her grandmother very much, she says, "I preferred, much preferred, my version." (Angelou 153) that the version is her grandmother forced the doctor to help Angelou instead of urge the doctor. From the story, I realize that memories are good video tapes to record all our happiness. Through this, we can always enjoy what we had and what we did in the past. Angelou, for example, will enjoy the trip to the dentist and it can be a kind of memoir with her grandmother when her grandmother passes away.Memory is a devil that always reminds you what you did wrong and affects your daily life. In "Remember" by Remen, it shows about how a woman...

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