Position Paper Ecofin Eradicating Poverty Through The Empowerment Of Women

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Committee: Economic and FinancialTopic: The Eradication of Poverty through the Empowerment of WomenCountry: South KoreaSchool: Fairhope High SchoolThe eradication of poverty has always been a number one priority of the United Nations. Since the beginning of time, there has been those who have plenty, those who have few, and those who have none. The United Nations was built upon the need to supply and assuage the needs of the nations. Poverty eradication is the number one need. If every nation was economically well off, most of the other needs could also be met. For example, if a nation such as Africa were not impoverished, they could make themselves well equipped to combat the diseases that plague their nation. Also, because poverty eradication goes hand in hand with world hunger, the eradication of one would abolish the other. In a similar, but no so extreme way, the empowerment of women would have a direct impact on the eradication of poverty. Unfortunately, due to the laws and principles of the Bible and the opinion of men of history, the status of women has never been equal to that of man. This inequality leads to women making up 70% of the world's working hours but only earn 10% of the world's income. In turn this causes 80% of the world to live on less than less than $10 a day, while only making up 5% of the world's income (Lovely Professional University).In South Korea, the traditional role of a women is one of submissiveness, one of preserving harmony in the home and evading conflict. Her chief objective was to be a good daughter, a good wife and a good mother. Korean women are expected to be and to want to be completely biddable to her husband. Also it is the women responsibly to have sons to pass on family names; if there are all girls the woman is instantly to blame (Korea4Expats). Fortunately for South Korea, since their first female president was elected, the status of women is constantly improving in the country (Rui). Fortunately for all nations, this event has also sparked much support of the notion towards the empowerment of women. Many nations and organization and NGO's are taking steps to end gender inequality liberate women from their stereotypes and persecutions. The United Nations also hopes that the empowerment of women would also directly impact the status and condition of the impoverished. A simple equation, empower the women, the women are able to get jobs, the women are able to help their families and take a stand for themselves and those around them, everyone is empowered and able to make something of themselves. South Korea is a prime example of this process. After the Korean war in the 1950s, South Korea was one of the world's poorest countries with only $64 per capita income (Chakrabortty). After this South Korea initiated their Saemaul Undong, a new community movement. This movement served to reignite the hope in and care for their country that the people formerly had. Due to it's lack of abundant resources, the...

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