Position Paper On Capitalism Vs. Collectivism

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The government has many approaches to choose as far as adjusting an economic system to better the needs of either the nation or the individuals. The individual is an important factor of society. They take part in societal functions and together they can form large groups. The problem that lies ahead for a government is to determine how much or how little to assist in the people's lives. For some, government assistance is a true need and a necessity for their personal life. Government assistance also can just be a way of "stealing" the people's money in order to help the lower classes, in the perspective of the wealthy. There should be a seesaw established with weight on each end. One end represents the level of initiative, profit motive, competition and market style economics, while the other represents personal aid, security, and insurance for one to rely upon. The more parallel the seesaw is to the ground, the more balanced the economy is. There is exploitation involved in all government systems, the best thing the government can do for the majority of its people, is simply do what the majority wants. Communism may be the answer while at the same time, aside from it's extreme equality, those individualistic personnel will want things changed so that they can push themselves to greater levels above those who are less skilled than they are, so in that equal type of system they are the ones being exploited. Capitalism can also be the answer, but aside from letting the people control their lives with the absence of government intervention, there are those who are unskilled or incapable of being skilled and they will immediately fall behind and become the victims of capitalism suffering from exploitation.A more useful description of the word capitalist would be someone whose primary means of income is through the ownership of property. In other words, someone like Donald Trump is a true capitalist. He makes money through the buying, using, and selling of property. His primary form of income is not a salary; his primary means of income is not labor. A factory owner or a professional investor is a capitalist. An average citizen in America today may own some stock, which is a form of capital, but they have essentially no control over the property that the stock represents and the stock is not a primary means of income, therefore simply owning some does not make one a "capitalist." In a capitalist system property ownership is ultimately the only way in which value is "realized". Ownership of property grants the owner of the property full rights to all of the value of that property. That is, at its core, what capitalism is about, the ownership of rights to value. How can Florida's hurricanes a "plus"? It's simple. Construction creates thousands of jobs, insurance provides for billions in consumer purchases, and new facilities built to higher standards might help offset future storm-related losses. This is a way of looking at bad things in a good way....

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