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Position Paper On Forward: Making Ends Meet, How Single Mothers Survive Welfare And Low Wage Work

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In this reading, Christopher Jencks, proceeds to decipher the ongoing struggle of single mothers and their survival on welfare and low-wage work. "Making Ends Meet" discusses that almost all poor, single mothers supplement their regular income with some combination of off-the-books employment and money from relatives, lovers, and the fathers of their children. According to this excerpt, irregular income has a dramatic effect on our picture of welfare mothers' economic status. Some state that helping single mothers would just make them more numerous and rest the blame on them for the nation's social problems. Conservatives who share these viewpoints also believe that it is imperative to ...view middle of the document...

As much as I tried, I had a job and family to take care of also. It seems that she is like many others and has no trade, skill or any concept of how to bring herself out of that so called 'rut'. She also had no idea of what she was interested in applying herself in as far as acquiring some sort of job skill. I acknowledged at that point that I couldn't save her or the world. That was my reality.It is my opinion that one of the steps necessary for these young ladies to aid themselves in preparation for a life outside of welfare would be to learn how to budget. Budgeting can be a difficult task and often times is complicated even when dealing with persons who have a regular and substantial amount of income. Welfare recipients are almost forced to have some other source of undocumented income, because if documented, would be subtracted from the amount of money received from welfare checks, therefore not really helping them get ahead. I found when she acquired extra money she didn't comprehend that it was suppose to be set aside for hard times. It seems the ideal situation would be that if a person is totally out of work and receiving welfare benefits, that it would be mandatory for...

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