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Position Paper On Over Criminalization In The United States

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IntroductionOver criminalization in the United States has a meaning in which the law is used to solve every situation, prosecute every mistake, and force Americans to behave according to the Criminal Justice system. Criminal Law is set forth to set the conduct that Americans think is deserving of the best punishment and ethical sanction. In the case of uncontrolled over criminalization, petty conduct is punishable as a crime. There are so many criminal laws out there that give the government the opportunity to convict a person even if he or she acted without mens rea. Court decisions have risen especially at the federal level.The government has an act called the Patriot Act which enables them to enter our private lives without us knowing. The can do it without a warrant and take what they feel is necessary. It's because of this act that society is fed up with the government.This paper will discuss how far government sanction views of mortality are allowed into the private lives of American citizens. This paper will also have opinions based on whether the writer believes or not if the crisis over criminalization actually exists.Analysis on positionThe private lives of citizens are being overrun by the government. The mortality on how far the government can go into the private lives of citizens does have its limitations. It's been said that the government doesn't have a life. It's because of this that the government needs to spy on our private lives. For citizens, this means that everything that is not prohibited by law is permitted. As for the government, nothing is permitted that is not cleared by the law first. The government has infiltrated the lives of the American people for far too long and if any more laws are brought into society the American people must band together and argue their points for privacy. I believe that any new laws made by the government witch abeles them to interfere in our lives to be rejected by us. I don't think that our founding fathers had this in mind when it comes to our government and their responsibilities. It's our democracy that guarantees our freedom.The limitations mentioned above are plentiful. The government has stepped up the interference in our lives ever since 9/11. However, in 2003, America has hit a turning point on the civil liberties we should have but don't because of the Patriot Act. It was during this year in which the House of Representatives passed an amendment denying the Department of Justice the right to sneak into our homes and view our private files without a warrant. The House also passed an amendment which prohibits the Justice Department from making book stores and libraries pass over material and content to them which have been read by patrons. These two amendment victories are good starting points for us that the government can no longer use as an excuses to try to stop terrorism. Americans need to understand that even though we rely on the government for protection against terrorist,...

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