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Position Statement Essay

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Position statement
On behalf of the Chairman of the Green Leaf Foundation, Thailand which has closely collaborated with 6 major organizations as follows:
1. Tourism Authority of Thailand
2. Thai Hotels Association
3. United Nations Environment Program
4. Demand Side Management Office of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
5. Association for the Development of Environmental Quality, and
6. Metropolitan Water works Authority
Due to the past experience of environmental crisis, the government tries to be active and alert in the hotel and tourism industries, and tourists, have more awareness and concern about prevention of environmental problems (Bohdanowicz, 2006). Presently, the demanding tourists are a key factor that underpins and prevents the success of sustainable hotels and tourism industry. We can see now from increasing of customer’s target in green hotels by 73%, while 71 % showed willingness to stay in a hotel that implemented environmental strategies (Gustin and Weaver, 1994; Wahab and Pigram 1997). Therefore, the organizational policies are designed for the development of quality environmental management in the hospitality industry and motivate increasing the members of Green Leaf foundation in the future. Committees of Green Leaf Foundation organized the Green leaf plan which has realized environmental management. There is a setting of environmental assessment, by appointing an audit group that measures the standard of hotels’ operation efficiency on environmental management. The objectives of the Green Leaf Foundation are as follows:
- Support and encourage acquisition of knowledge for comprehensive understanding of environmental management
- Hotel owners and operators in the tourism industry can improve their environmental quality standard in their business from assistance of the association.
- Develop roles and responsibilities in the tourism industry about using quality environmental technology to correlate with consumer’s requirement for tourism activities (Green Leaf Foundation, 2009)
The hotel owners and those organizational alliances are involved in this plan in order to promote the tourism industry, improve environmental friendly image of hotels and make organizational power instrumental in the achievement of the same goal. Once it has become the national agenda as Green Leaf policy, the plan is interesting and challenging, in that promoting and improving the hotels’ environmental friendly image altogether will encourage tourism industry to meet the demands of green tourists who are booming in this era and potential tourism market. It can enhance the tourism products so that hotel businesses expand and also offer new and alternative investment for stakeholders.
Therefore, the Green Leaf foundation and organizational alliances can be leaders of a new style of tourism in a sustainable world. Besides the interest for the alliance, the outcome of these policies might be beneficial for the society as...

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