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Positive And Negative Body Image Of Yourself

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Concordia College
Raven Forbes
Developmental Psych II

Body image seems to be a very important thing when it comes to development alone. At some pouint in time everyone is concerned with their body image and how they look. Your body is image is the way you feel personally about your body. Despite what others say and others opinions, most of the time people have a personalized image of what they look like whether it may be what they actually look like or not. Some people have good body images of themselves while others do not. Most often girls have bigger issues with body image than guys do buy guys alos have problems with body image sometimes. The issue with body image usually ...view middle of the document...

Raising Children Network, With the Centre of Adolescent Health). When a child has a positive image they most often maintain it as they grow because they learn to take care of their body and want to keep it as it is. When a child has a negative body image this can ruin their self-esteem and this can stick with them for a long time (American Association of University Women, 1991).

“Body image is influenced by many factors, such as family environment, skin colour, ability or disability, attitudes of peers, the media and advertising, and the fashion industry. Cultural background is also a factor. Cultures have different views about ideal body shapes and sizes – some are more encouraging and realistic than others” (Body Image. Raising Children Network, With the Centre of Adolescent Health). When adolescents begin to go through puberty they try their best to blend in with their peers. No one wants to be outcaste or made fun of so the way you look becomes very important at this point in life. This time is very crucial for adolescents because so many things can contribute to them having a negative body image. Raising Children Network points out that adolescents may feel pressure from family, peers or media to look a certain way. They may get teased about the way they look, they may become self conscious and want to look like images in music videos and magazines. They worry about how others see them and sometimes show signs of depression (Body Image. Raising Children Network, With the Centre of Adolescent Health). Boys have issues with their body image even though the issue leans more towards girls. Boys may feel pressure to look like the ideal male with a six-pack, tones muscles, and cute face. People who overweight tend to have the most negative body image because they may feel surrounded by pople who they think look better than them.
When a person has negative body image it also affects them emotionally. This can cause them to be in bad moods and often feel depressed because they are not happy with the way they look. They may sometimes feel like everyone around them is looking at them funny or everyone around them dislikes the way their body looks also. They tend to always put themselves down and not feel as good as everyone else. The media puts a lot of pressure on individuals as well and this can cause people to have eating disorders. According to Office on Women’s Health, being too concerned with your body image can cause anxiety and stress (Body Image,Eating Disorders. Office on Women’s Health, U.S Department of Health and Huma Services). You may be able to tell when someone is experience extreme negativity towards their body image because of the way they act. They make negative comments about their own bodies, they constantly compare themselves to others, some don’t want to go out in public because they don’t want to be seen, they stop themselves from participating in activities because they don’t feel equal to their...

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