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Positive And Negatives Of Seco's Business Model

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The relationship between society and business is an essential foundation for success if a company is to achieve their underlying motive, profit. In the global economy run by a multitude of businesses, social responsibility is a fundamental issue for every company that is participating in the provision of goods and services that are benefitting the economy, employees, stakeholders, customers and the community. Businesses have legal and ethical obligations within their corporations, and responsibilities in society that are essential to the behavior they present. Fulfilling these responsibilities is essential if a business is to be successful in fulfilling the needs within society. Due to the consequences of some actions being both positive and negative, company’s need to ensure that they are achieving a balance between both company motive and the good of society…. In the provision of public services the issue of human rights and social justice is of topical debate in governments, social groups and communities due to the behavior of companies in this area. Serco group, a British government funded company, partakes in a variety of services on a global scale. Serco Group is described as “a multinational corporation that specializes in providing public services under Government Contract.” (Stone, 2012.) “Serco operates and maintains a surprisingly large and diverse range of services in both the UK and Australia, as well as in several other countries. It competes in a vast number of services including: traffic management systems, covering more than 17,500kms of roads worldwide, managing 192,000 square miles of airspace in five countries, managing education authorities on behalf of local governments, and providing defense support services worldwide.” (Plc, 2014) “Serco also manages a number of hospitals, prisons and detention centers and is involved in a host of other services.” (Storrar, 2006) Serco has a significant number of procedures and policies in place to ensure that the dignity of every individual in which they are dealing with are withheld their human rights and respected inherently, but the negative media publicity and criticism that has arisen due to numerous reports of instances where its public service provision has been “sub-standard, high-cost, has eliminated diversity, or has lacked accountability has lead to their positive impacts on society being overshadowed.” (Stone, 2012) Due to this, the focus is constantly appointed at Serco’s faults, even though when in comparison to other corporations in it’s area, Serco is not the only service provision or public service that should be receiving criticism or negative limelight in the eyes of society.

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Negatives- Area requiring improvement
Serco Group operates in both the public and private government sector; it operates on a global scale resulting in the delivery of behaviors, communications and actions in a number of services to fulfill needs within society. One of the...

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