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Redefining the Definition of a “***Flawless” Body
In today’s day and age positive body image is an important factor to maintain, not only for the physical wellbeing of a person but also because it can determine the mental state and wellbeing of a person. Primarily us women are more subject to maintain and acquiring a “body” that can be acceptable in society. Women are subjected to social injustice on a daily basis about their bodies and what their ideal body should be. Such an “ideal” body can include almost impossible proportions and weight goals. Ideal body proportions, weight and features are demonstrated through media. The desire of an ideal body distorts positive body image and creates a desire to change, especially among young women. Businesses and corporations benefit through this insecurity and desire. One way we can see how businesses benefit from the insecurities of us women is to look at Pilisuk’s theories about the networks of power as well as how big corporations manipulate power and will.
Media is essentially a business of advertisement. Through media and business, young women are exposed to the “ideal body type.” This body type includes a flat stomach, thin arms, a large bust, slim waist, and large backside. A face is idyllic with a thin nose, sharp eyebrows, high cheekbones and thick lips. The lead actress of most movies matches this “ideal body type.” This body type is exemplified through media outlets such as magazines, television shows, celebrity shots, blogs, and photography as well as through society’s desired image of a woman. It is shown that through achieving these proportions we will attain happiness and social acceptance. This creates a negative body image among most young woman. The negative body image then leads to the desire to change and seek ways to attain this ideal body type in order to reach happiness and acceptance. The pressure of to achieve happiness and acceptance through being skinny is enforced through Media and business advertisements all over the world. This can manipulate women to take extreme measures which can lead to eating disorders.
A negative body image can lead young woman to extremes. As a result, self-harm, eating disorders and low self-esteem arises. The actions which young woman take to change and become thinner can lead to diseases and mental disorders. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 24 million people are affected by eating disorders, 10 million of which are women. About 50% of people with eating disorders “meet the criteria for depression” (Eating Disorder Statistics).
Pilisuk says that “There is also a marketed reality of goods, sales pressures, or demands for competitive success to fill the void of emptiness in people’s lives…” (1). Businesses and Media do not only advertise the “ideal body” but also create products and services to “help” women achieve these ideal proportions and weight. The “void” here that Pilisuk mentions is...

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