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Positive Care Environments Essay

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The Care Value supports the right for a person to be treated as an individual. At my work placement at Saint Phillip's Primary School, the children were treated as individuals. Meeting a child’s dietary requirements is crucial. For example, a child that is lactose intolerant cannot eat dairy foods. So the teacher has got to make sure that the child is fed the food that s/he can eat rather than eating the same meal that everyone else would be eating. At my work placement at the school, a boy named Alfred was allergic to nuts. The school dinner that was provided for the students contained nuts. The school were able to provide other options for Alfred to eat; he was able to opt for a different meal. This is evidence of positive care. That child has the right to not eat a school meal containing nuts. Imagine if Alfred was forced to eat a meal that contained nuts? Allowing Alfred to eat only the things that he can will make Alfred happy because he is being respected and being treated as an individual rather than being forced to eat a meal containing nuts. Saint Phillip's Primary School has explained that their school promotes respect and tolerance of all faiths and beliefs. At my placement, a girl name Naila was unable to eat pork for religious reasons. The dinner ladies were able to provide an option of halal meat for Naila. So they respected Naila and her belief. This is evidence of positive care at Saint Phillip's. At my work placement at a hospital, patients staying in the ward were allowed to receive a meal when they were ready for it. A man named Henry was not hungry at the usual time that all of the patients would normally receive their lunch. A nurse asked him what time he would prefer to eat his lunch instead. They brought to him his lunch at the time he had chosen - this is evidence of positive care. The hospital has stated that they will personalise the care that they give to patients. So this means that they will change the way they do things in order to meet individual needs such as the case of Henry. Another example of this is of a man named George who strictly stated that he must eat his dinner before 5 in the evening. The nurses respected what George had told them and only gave to him his dinner before 5 in evening. So they personalised dinner time to suit George's need/preference - This is evidence of positive care in a hospital setting. Treating each person as an individual promotes a positive care environment.
Another right of a service user is confidentiality. A service user should give permission before his/her information can be shared. For example, at a primary school, a child tells a teacher that he/she still wets the bed. The next day in the playground, another child says to him/her: ‘I hear you still wet the bed’. Not keeping what the child tells you confidential will make the child upset and that child may lose trust in the teacher that shared the information with others. The Care Value Base supports the right of a person's...

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