Positive Messages To Children In "The Simpsons"

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Whether or not you think "The Simpsons" is good, they must be doing something right to remain popular for 17 years. Parents need to sit down and actually watch a number of episodes before they realize how wonderful this show is."The Simpsons" sends a good message to people about family values and life as a whole. A lot of people see the show one or two times, and all they see is a father who is very slow mentally, and a son who lies, cheats, steals, and talks back to his parents. In reality, however, Homer and Marge are very loving to their children, and have a great relationship with them. "The Simpsons" mirrors real life and contains positive life lessons. "The Simpsons" follows a format that other television shows need to copy.One reason that people like 'The Simpsons', is because there is a character that nearly everyone can relate too. Marge is the proper house wife, but does have a very rebellious side (she becomes a cop, runs from the law, etc). Homer, is a selfish, greedy, idiot, but he's a loving man. He loves his family and would do anything for them. Bart is the troubled son that a lot of families have. He does have a heart though, and feels bad when he does wrong and tries to make things better. Lisa is an example of the straight-A suck up student. Although she does fight for her rights, she's an example of trying new things and exploring the world and the things around her. Every character in 'The Simpsons' relates to someone you know in real life.There is a big difference between the television shows of today and the shows from ten years ago. The difference is that today's shows do not give any type of message. Yes, they are funny and entertaining, but they do not teach the viewer anything. The Simpsons portrays life as we truly know it. Nothing ever works out like it is supposed to the first time, but by the end of the show, everything usually ends up alright, and such it is with our lives. In our fast-paced society, we panic over the slightest problem. We need to learn to relax, because if you think things over calmly and rationally, everything usually works out in the end. One example is in one of the very first episodes of The Simpsons ever aired, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire." In this episode, the family goes to the mall. Bart wanders away from his parents, and eventually finds a tattoo parlor, and convinces the tattoo artist that he is 21 years old. When Marge discovered that Bart had gotten a tattoo, she used all of the money the family had saved up for Christmas presents to have the tattoo removed. At the same time, Homer learns that employees at the power plant are not going to be receiving their Christmas bonuses. On his way home, he walks into the forest to cut down a Christmas tree...right past a "No Trespassing" sign.When he realizes Marge had to spend their money, he doesn't want to make her sad, and doesn't tell her that he isn't going to be getting a bonus. He quickly tells her that he wants to do the shopping....

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