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Positive Connections With Older Generations Can Enrich Our Lives

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Long ago, in a far flung corner of the world, laid a colossal kingdom, ruled by one of the most powerful and wise kings and queens of that era, the kings and queens were esteemed by everyone, even the richest people honored them because of their dignity and honesty they were admired by every ruler of that era. They had a daughter, Alicia and a son, Peter who loved their parents, but those children were extremely ignorant and rude towards their grandparents.
On the other hand, the grandparents were elderly and were the most knowledgeable and sagacious people in the vast kingdom, the grandfather, Ferdinand and grandmother, Fluvia were honored and immensely respected by everyone, but ...view middle of the document...

It is rumored that the dark forest gets alive after sunset, but he was brave and didn't care about anything. As it was getting dark the growling noises of the creature started. Suddenly, the tree’s roots seized his horse's legs, he remembered a story his grandfather told him when he was very young, his grandfather told him, “The forest gets alive, just after sunset, and black, red eyed creatures emerge, the dark forest is evil, if someone is stuck in the forest just believing in one’s self and following the magical bright light can lead to safety.
As it was getting darker and darker, Peter could hear the growling of some creatures, he cut the moving root that tangled his horse with his sword, suddenly he saw something enormous, a black creature with red eyes it was the same creature that his grandfather told him in the story about, but he was brave and had hope. The creature growled and was moving slowly towards him, his grandfather told him that believing in one’s self will lead to safety. Instantaneously, he saw the bright light in the dark forest which his grandfather told him, he went in the direction of the light as fast as he...

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