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One of the more frequently expressed concerns among parents is how to effectively discipline children (Turner 129). Many parents, especially new parents, are afraid of discipline. They are afraid of it because they don't know how to go about disciplining children. Now days there are many precautions that you must look at before you decide your disciplinary styles. For example, spanking, is it considered abuse? Or, what is considered neglect? I personally do not spank my child but I am strict in other aspects of her behavior. There is no manual handed out to us when we decide to have children, but there are many ways to instill positive discipline. Parents can successfully discipline their children by presenting a united front, establishing and enforcing reasonable limits, and implementing positive discipline.Disagreements over rules and consequences among the parents can cause misbehavior. It is important the parents present a united front toward the child (Sparrow 1). A child should not be able to get away with one act of misbehavior with one parent and not the other. When a parent disagrees with the other, a child is bound to be confused (Sparrow 1). Disagreements also create tension and an intimidating environment for the child. The child will also try to play "the good parent, bad parent" game. Together, parents need to decide how to handle different situations as they arise. People are not always going to agree on everything. When the time comes when both parents do not agree, refrain from disagreements in front of your child. If you do not approve of how your partner handled a situation, talk it over in private. When your child knows you take discipline seriously enough to work as a team then, they, too, will take it seriously (Sparrow 2).Children need to know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. (Turner 129) Whether it is behavior at home, school, or in public, it does not matter. If a child is uncertain what it is they can and cannot get away with, they will try to 'test the waters' or 'push the envelope' as much as you allow them too. All children benefit from high expectations. Before you begin setting your limits you need to know your child is capable of doing what is expected of them (Turner 130). For example, my daughter will be seven years old in a couple of months. She is a very intelligent child. She learned to walk and talk at a very early age and she even started on the computer at the age of two. Up until about a year ago she was still wetting the bed. When she was at the age of four years old I began to get upset with her because of this. I expected her not to wet the bed at that age. That was one limitation that she could not do. She is a very heavy sleeper and she does not wake up when she has to use the restroom. This was not her fault. She was not physically able to control not wetting the bed. When setting limits and rules, they should be clear and easy to understand, especially with the younger children (Miller...

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