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Positive Effect Of The Advances Of Technology

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About fifty-five percentAbout fifty-five percent of Americans use the Internet every day reported Catharine Smith in her article Mobile Technology Fact Sheet. This shows that more than half of the people in the U.S. use the internet in their daily lives. In this research, it was discovered how technology has surpassed many of the expectations people have had on it, and it still going to be improving as time goes on. Many people from the past never imagine how different the world would be today and how society has improved in the last decade, all because of the advancement of technology. Technology is still improving and will continue to do that; people do not know if they will get to have ...view middle of the document...

Buchanan in his article explains that during the nineteenth century technology has increased rapidly with the interrelationship between science and technology. He also explains that by the twenty, century the term technology got a different meaning which became known as the renewal of tools and machines from the new ideas people had come up. He tells us that people started inventing new technology which soon became popular during the Industrial revolution. "The Industrial Revolution has been a worldwide phenomenon, because of the many inventions that were created during that time like power technology that included transportation and communication" (Buchanan 5). In the article written by Buchanan, he explains that the technology from the past, shows the most important advantages that technology had in the Industrial Revolution. "The development in technology and techniques has helped the industry that deals with metallurgy and the metal trades that work with iron and steel which was one of the outstanding achievements of the Industrial Revolution” (Buchanan 5). During the Industrial Revolution, there were so many technological advances that helped shape today's society. Buchanan explains that the development of electricity became a source of power and that it became popular in the late 19th century, and it is something that is still used today. "Transport and communications made great progress without any great technical innovations until later on in the decade" (Buchanan 6). In the Industrial revolution there was not a lot of fancy technology but they made it work by making progress in transportation and communication. Buchanan describes another event that help shaped the advances of technology was the two World Wars in a way that:
The two World Wars were themselves the most important instruments of technological as well as political change in the 20th century. The rapid evolution of the airplane is a striking illustration of this process, while the appearance of the tank in the first conflict and of the atomic bomb in the second show the same signs of response to an urgent military stimulus (6).
During the two world wars, the military wanted to have the most advanced and powerful weapons which lead to this revolution of technology. Buchanan...

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