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Positive Effects Of Homeschooling Essay

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Homeschooling has become increasingly popular due to several reasons. The most often cited is religious convictions. Parents are rightly concerned that their children are not learning a value system at public schools. Religious values, by law, cannot be included within a public school’s curriculum and private schools that do teach a parent’s particular belief may not be located in the area and/or may be cost prohibitive. At home, students are the focal point of the instructor and not lost in the crowd in a classroom of 25 or more other kids. Homeschooled kids advance at their own pace which is clearly to their advantage whether they are fast or slower learners in particular subjects. Critics of homeschooling usually point out the lack of socialization skills learned at public schools which is a valid concern but quality time with parents is important as well and is also productive time for the student. Parents are in control of the subject material and control the topics. This is a definite advantage for the homeschooled child. Homeschooling is a growing in popularity because it is the most effective way to educate children.
The best teachers are those who possess a passion to convey knowledge with a sense of purpose. Parents motivated with a passionate spiritual conviction have a sustained energy for teaching their child more so than a relative stranger of unknown conviction at public school. These parents generate an infectious enthusiasm about whatever subject they are teaching, a virtue that motivates kids. Homeschooling allows a parent to weave their spiritual convictions into every facet of their curriculum. Nothing is more important to the heart of people’s motivation than their personal beliefs. Everyone has convictions of some description; something that has alters their lives in a positive way, something that is etched in deep in their soul. Some people can express it, some cannot find words for it, but everyone has it. When that intangible something is employed, put to use, people demonstrate a passion and direction that can be explained. For many this describes their religious convictions, a way of life for some. People who have these convictions people make excellent home-school teachers. Their sense of passion and purpose help them keep going throughout the rough times in life. This passion motivates them to continue reaching for higher goals, for themselves and their children.
The homeschooled child benefits from socialization skills that are community-based rather than socialization based in the classroom. This advantage takes them away from confinement with other kids their own age. Public school classrooms are divided by age, not scholastic ability or maturity level. The expressions ‘all boats float at the same level’ and ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ applies. Exceptional kids are held back at public school but are accelerated academically and socially by the home-school experience. Additionally, the...

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