Positive Effects Of Video Games On Teens

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Have you ever thought that video games could bring more positive to a person than negative? Video games have been around for a very long time and new games are being made at this moment. All around the world, There are gamers playing all kinds of games at this moment. In April 2013, nearly 671 million people worldwide played an online game using a desktop or a laptop and 145 million played on a daily basis. With these kind of numbers what effects have been playing these games brought for all these people? Improved cognitive skills, problem solving, and social connections are just a few of the positive effects video games bring to teenagers.
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Video games can enhance a person’s problem solving abilities. For example, A 2013 study found that teens who played strategic games more often improved their problem solving skills and even their school grades the following year (Kotz). Strategic games that work the players head seem to rewire the players head all around. In addition, A study in November 2012, found that surgeons who played video games for at least 3 hours a week saw 37 percent fewer mistakes during their surgeries (Guarini 3). Video games seem to keep improving around problem solving which is important for everyday life. Furthermore, In 2010, researchers found that video games are effective in reducing anxiety or pain caused by medical procedures or by chronic illness (Guarini 3). Video games have been able to help people with their real life problems as well they can provide an “escape” for people. In conclusion, video games have allowed people to improve their problem solving and at the same time allow people to make their life less stressful.
Video games have improved peoples social connections. For example, “A 2011 study found that those who play violent games that encourage cooperation to win are more likely to be helpful to others online in their game and also offline in the real world” (Kotz). Games like Call of Duty or League of Legends are a perfect example of this. These games have actually made people gain personal relationships with people they haven’t even seen before in their lives. In addition, Video games can teach kids with autism to respond to visual and verbal queues (Weber). Kids with autism have a hard time around people so playing games by themselves can make it much...

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