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Positive Impacts Of Technology Essay

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The standard 21 year old adults have exchanged 250 thousand emails, spent 5 thousand hours video gaming and 10 thousand hours using their mobile devices (Lei, 2009). When people hear the word technology, they think of microwaves, televisions, cars, NASA, different types and transportation and more. For all that, technology has occurred long ahead these discoveries. Technology is an arguable matter amongst people. .In the old days, people lived an extremely simple life without technology. They used candles to light their houses and lanterns at the dark to travel, they used fire to cook and used newspapers and mail to share news. On the other hand, technology has seized an important place in our society. People are living in a stage of progressive technology. They are using all natural reserves applicable for making their lives better and easier. The society cannot picture life without electricity since it allows them to live through their everyday life. This paper argues that technology positively impacts people’s lives.

Firstly, technology has made life easier for human kind in terms of education and work. Ever part of people’s daily lives is linked to technology in one way or the other. It just makes life easier and things quicker. Technology advances make people see how processes can be made actively and efficiently (Lynda Moultry Belcher, n.d.). For instance, by technological improvements of computers, nowadays, education has greatly enhanced. Students are able to learn and take exams by sitting and home and simply using their laptops or computers. This could highly help disabled people, children who live very far away from any school and who are living temporarily abroad. Other than homeschooling, nowadays technology is used for communication between students and their class mates, techers and their students and teachers and the school principal to stay updated with whatever is going around if someone misses a day at school or for upcoming events. Etc. Furthermore, a boss wouldn’t have to worry about the employees signing in for each other at work and then leaving since at these days there are machines to take fingerprints for presence at work. Other than presence, work itself has become a lot easier now that people have printers to print instead of copying by hand and writing out lots and lots of pages. Besides, with the technology of long distance communication, people do not have to travel a long distance to meet to communicate and do lots of other types of work they have to do (T.R. Cotter, 2010). For example, via video conference, employees are able to carry meetings, teachers can talk to parents about their child’s performance at school and students can communicate with other students to work on assignment and projects together from simply anywhere around the world and for free.

Secondly, technology has helped in people’s daily lives with transportation. There are Google cars that drive by themselves. These cars can be...

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