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Positive Influence: Hip Hop Music Essay

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Through the past about thirty years, music has evolved into new forms of expressions. Hip-hop has become a world widespread form of communication and it is enjoyed around the world. It is no longer limited to rap and break dancing; in this cultural it represents a multi-billion dollar industry that influences the nation from design and fashion to television and professional sports, mass media marketing and advertising. Hip-hop today is involved in numerous aspects of young people’s lives in addition to sending a lyrical message that influences positive actions. Hip-hop is a positive guide, such as helping to understand what people in the world are going through, gets teens to understand that ...view middle of the document...

.." (Cristiles, Dre’B, Young Gully 2008). This lyric from " Yes You Can" is inspiring to people in multiple situations and with it brings people to do what others said they could not do.

Music Lyrics are used as an expression that is not always meant to be used to help people.

I express myself with writing music, I had no intention for people to actually enjoy my music at first, just wanted to try it out. I dropped my first song and had some people asking me for my next song. From there on it pretty much carried on. Now there’s not a single day where I don’t think or talked about music. It changed my life and I hope to continue to help save others (Barragan2014).

The lyrics that are written interest and explain to some that cannot express themselves to others. Most artist or upcoming artist are usually the ones that others put down or say they would not amount to nothing in this world. "I only speak about real life events or issues that I have or am going through" (Barragan 2014). Artists see writing as an escape from reality and getting to reveal themselves without being judged. Music gives people a positive vibe and gives them hope to keep moving forward.

"The acquisition of positive musical experiences encourages students to extend their musical lives beyond the classroom by recognizing different musical identities and promoting improved...

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