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Positive Messages About The Human Spirit In Romeo And Juliet

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Throughout Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare the story is often considered a tragedy. However the story is also considered the greatest love tale of all time. Love is viewed as a positive thing, so there must be a reason why the story connects to humans who have a good and bad side. Also that there might possibly be several positive themes displayed in the passage. There are three major positive messages about the human spirit provided in the tale, one is hope, the second is love and the third is endurance.
In the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, even though in the beginning when they tell you the entire plotline and every plot twist involved practically, the audience or reader can’t help but hope that the young couple will end up together despite all odds against them. Romeo and Juliet are absolutely, hopelessly, neurotically in love. With their families feuding and their rash love story the audience feels like they are the rookies and can’t help but root for them. The story is built upon the hope that love can overcome anything. And technically the couple does end up together but not in the way they had hoped. After Juliet discovers she is to be married to Paris, she goes to Friar Lawrence, the only person she has left to see if there was anything she could do to delay or stop the marriage. His words to her were, “Hold, daughter. I do spy a kind of hope,” in Act IV, Scene i, line 68. This is before he tells her of the herb that will put her into a deathlike state to trick the rest of the family into thinking she was dead. Surely, a positive message about the human spirit is hope in this story.
Another positive message about the human spirit is love which is often thought as the basis of all human kind, and a positive at that. Love is when two people are compatible enough to where a bond forms that makes them willing to risk their hearts, bodies and minds to protect and please the other. Juliet and Romeo are in love and do risk their hearts by loving each other. Risk their minds by having to sneak around,...

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