Positive Non Pharmaceutical Treatments For Osteoarthritis From An Inner Herbal Treatment

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Osteoarthritis affects the joints mainly in the knees and arms causing pain and discomfort; also it is a leading cause of disabilities and suffering in the United States (Gemmell et al. 2003). No cure is known for the treatment of osteoarthritis, but management of pain is possible. In the following studies researchers look at how to minimize pain with patients who suffer from osteoarthritis. In Warholm et al. (2003) researchers used a herbal pill made from Rosa canina (Rose-hip powder), taken orally, that proves to reduce the pain in subjects with osteoarthritis. In Shiffa et al. (2013) researchers use leech therapy with a leech from India, Hirudinaria granulosa, on the outer epidermal of ...view middle of the document...

Instead of treating osteoarthritis pain from the inside of the body in Warholm et al. (2003) with a pill; Shiffa et al. (2013) uses a treatment that treats osteoarthritis pain from by direct contact on the body, in the form of leach therapy. In Shiffa et al. (2013) 60 subjects were monitored over eight weeks with the experimental group receiving leech therapy and the control group not receiving leech therapy. The experimental group’s leeches were dipped in turmeric water to sterilize the leeches and irritate the leeches, allowing for instant suction. For each experimental treatment, two leaches would be placed for 40-70 minutes on each knee, with one on the lateral side of the knee and one on the medial side. The leech therapy was applied for four weeks and both groups’ data were compared on active range of motion (AROM), passive range of motion (PROM), 15 meter walk, knee circumference, and pain. After the four weeks of treatment the experimental group had significant improvements in all the regions: AROM, PROM, 15 meter walk, knee circumference and pain. The subjects were analyzed again four weeks later and the group that received the leech therapy still had significant improvement compared to the control group. This study shows that leech therapy is an effective treatment for osteoarthritis pain.
Gemmell et al. (2003) combines the use of herbal treatment similar to Warholm et al. (2003) and the use of direct skin contact, similar to Shiffa et al. (2013). In Gemmell et al. (2013) 36 subjects were placed in a single-blind study with the experimental group receiving a herbal ointment, from Australia, consisting of eight natural herbs and five herbal oils that were applied on the directly on the affected area and the control group receiving a placebo...

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