Owning A Dvd Or A Vcr, Which Is Better?

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Owning a VCR or DVD Player - Which Is Better? We own a VCR and a DVD Player. Well actually, I own a VCR and my sister owns the DVD Player that I use whenever she is not at home. Even though a VCR is more economical to own, easier to operate and provides the capability to record programs from the television, a DVD Player offers a new dimension in data storage, versatility, and has better sound and picture output.First, a VCR is more economical to own than a DVD Player. The videocassettes are less expensive than the blank DVD's. The video recorders are also less expensive to purchase. A really high-tech VCR can be purchased for less than a sub-standard DVD Player. Also, if there is a problem and it needs repairing, it is much easier to just throw it away and purchase another one. Although you can find almost anyone to repair a VCR easier than a DVD Player.On the other hand, even though the VCR is more economical to own, a DVD Player has the capability to duplicate a movie from another DVD which is illegal, but you can rent a DVD and copy it and watch it when you get ready instead of having to hurry and watch it so that it can be returned to the video store. A DVD Player can also store data that can be used on the computer.Secondly, a VCR can be easier to operate than a DVD Player. It allows you to program a recording just by pushing one button. Many television guides, such as the TV Guide, gives you a special code for television programs that allow you to record by entering one number. You do not have to set the time nor the date. Setting the clock for a VCR is also easier that for the DVD Player. All...

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