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Possessing Power, The Crucible Essay

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Possessing Power When an individual has the ability to possess control or authority over others, they've achieved power. Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, implies the concept of how certain characters abuse their given power to protect themselves or hurt others. Throughout the progression of the play, Parris's high status allows him to dismiss the truth of witchery in order to keep his standing. Unlike Parris, in order to escape her punishment Abigail uses her power as a guard. Danforth's position allows him to abuse his power for the keeping of the court's good reputation. Thus, as the plot progressed each of the character's power would betray the town therefore, creating the crucibles.Throughout the evolution of time there have been many individual who have been influenced by their self-image in order to protect their position. Parris fears that "they will howl him out of Salem for such a corruption in his house."(14) His fear has a solidified oblivion towards witchcraft. This led him to protect his reputation in the town. His strong dedication to Puritanism abides to his belief that "there is either obedience or the church will burn like hell is burning"(28) His goal was to stay free of Satan. Parris was one who would throw out his will to make sure his rep stayed cleanly. This circulated the idea to him that at the moment "the devil may be among us"(27) Despite his eagerness to point fingers toward anybody but him, his was one of the few characters in the play that used his power more for good then harm. He used it to hold his reputation instead of purposely making convictions.Many voices until this day of age deliberately accuse innocent people. Abigail twisted her stories making belief that witchery is true. Her opinion is "naught to change"(95) because everyone who thinks not of this is lying. She started all her accusing to gain her utmost love, John, when it didn't work it was through anger. Abigail used hoaxes like the people who were possessed by Satan made her "laugh at prayer."(41) She used her...

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