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Possible Improvements To Denver's Airport Baggage System

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Considering, the Denver’s Airport Baggage handle system project. The city of Denver in the U.S.A had been selected for the airport which would make Denver as an air transportation hub. It would be the largest airport in the U.S.A and would carry 50 million passengers annually. The airport’s automatic baggage handling system was a critical part of the plan. By this plan airport turnaround plan would become approximate less by 30 minutes. (Goatham, 2008)
As the project was live there were many significant changes that were being asked to do, although the original negotiations, BAE had made it clear that no changes would be accepted. Because of the stakeholders pressure the BAE and the project management team were forcefully asked to meet the changes. All in all these changes include-redesign of the work which was being completed before. After accepting to change the design there were many questions which were raised as-did the team did not understand the need prior to completed work? Have they failed to recognize the fact that how much was the trouble was with the project initially. (Goatham, 2008)
Few reasons which were came into knowledge after the redesign work. Largely this is because the construction of the building started before the design for baggage handling system was known. Since baggage handling system shares a same place of operation within the airport. As a result, this system effects the project in such a way that the speed of the cars were totally gets halved from 60 cars per minute to 30 cars per minute. It increases the overall budget and overall time for the project. (Goatham, 2008)
Since, in a live going project the changes in the middle may cost a heavy loss in terms of budget and time. For the above discussed reason it is very clear that there is no proper planning and an effective decision. Hence, it is the duty of project manager to see in the initial stages of the project what are the uncertainties and risk involved in the project which leads a major change in the project. A proper planning and a proper decision is the key solution to the problem. If in any project team there a situation arises where major change is to be occurred, expertise consultation is must require in order at least minimize the change in particular activity and controlling the project from losses.
Changes in the projects are very common and are a well-known fact. Changes might be small or big it affects the project anyhow. Organizations consideration towards these changes shows their flexibility. It reflects how organization is adaptive towards change and change management. Agility covers it since through agility theory it is important how an organization is headed towards change management. Furthermore, for all organizations it is an important so as to keep a track record of these changes as a result of which it affects the project cost, time and also changes the scope. Hence this change management is a part of...

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