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Possible Solutions Of Deforestation In The Brazilian Amazon

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Nowadays deforestation is the one of the most important and controversial environmental issues in the world. Deforestation is cutting down, clearing away or burning trees or forests. Particularly tropical rainforests are the most waning type of forests because of its location in developing countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, India, central African countries and Brazil. Deforestation rate in those regions is high enough to worry about, because of large economic potential of forest areas. As the result of causes such as agriculture land expansion, logging for timber, fire blazing and settling infrastructure there might be serious impacts in future. For instance, extinction of endemic species of animals and plants which will be feral, increase of greenhouse gas emissions which may lead to global warming and consecutive catastrophes, destruction of home for indigenous residents which is considered as violation of human rights. Some people can argue with these drawbacks telling that deforestation have more valuable benefits such as growth of economics, production of food and providing better opportunities for life for poor families. However, these benefits are quite temporary and government of that countries and world organisations tries to halt deforestation proposing several solutions. Deforestation problem is especially acute in the Brazilian Amazon, where its rate is much high comparing with other regions. This paper will describe world-wide rainforests, causes and effects of deforestation, and evaluate possible solutions of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
Tropical rainforests which is located between tropic of Capricorn and tropic of Cancer covered 12% of land surface few thousand years ago. However, today they occupy only 5% of the planet. Albeit of this small area, tropical rainforests are home for about 50% of overall species and it plays key role in controlling global climate. For instance, in a tropical rainforests there could be found about 480 species of plants in only one hectare and large rainforest areas can produce 75% of rain from their own rainfall by transpiring water thorough leaves (Butler, 2011). 15 million hectares of forest are illegally logged in Indonesia for last 6 years (Lang, 2011). 1965 fires were detected in 2010 compared with 1827 fires in 2009 in Madagascar, where 70% of biodiversity do not exist anywhere else (Butler, 2011). 49% or 12.5 million hectares of forest has been lost in island Sumatra in Indonesia since 1985 and 80% of deforested area comes to lowland areas, where the most biodiversity exist (Uryu et al. 2010, 5). Even cocaine cultivation in Columbia causes deforestation, which led to cutting down of 68000 hectares in 2010 (Davalos et al. 2011, 1219). These threatening numbers demonstrate that this issue is quite serious as somebody might not suppose. Moreover, deforestation rate in the Brazilian Amazon, which is the largest rainforest in the world covering 8,235,430 sq km and where...

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