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Cross-cultural psychology helped me learn a variety of things this semester. When I first came into this class, I did not know what to expect. I was nervous and intimidated by the subject. I have taken a diversity course in psychology at community college, but I left without any knowledge of culture. In this class, I learned to appreciate culture. As I self-reflected on this class, I learned that I never appreciated how each culture is special .One of the things that I was expecting from this course was to look at psychology from a different viewpoint. I wanted to learn something that I never learned before and challenge my knowledge. This class accomplished that for me.
There are a few things I learned that will stick with me for life. One of the things I learned is cross-cultural parenting. I was always interested in the subject of secure attachment. When I learned about secure attachment, I never bothered to think about this subject cross-culturally. I ...view middle of the document...

This was one of the subjects that I was excited to learn, but when it was omitted from the syllabus, I was slightly disappointed. It was understandable that this section had to be cut from the syllabus, but the subject seemed very interesting.
In this class, I feel that everyone contributed greatly this semester. I feel that I contributed by asking questions others may have had. I feel that my past experiences and ideas have helped group assignments. I loved the atmosphere of this class. The combination of a great professor plus amazing classmates made the class enjoyable. This class gave me a chance to understand people that are from different countries like Nigeria, Russia, etc. I loved that we sat in a circle because it made us more interactive with one another. It was great for that time period of class to feel that we were all part of each other’s lives. Another thing I enjoyed about this class were the tests. Though I despise essay exams, these exams helped me feel comfortable in the material that we learned in class. I contribute the essay exams to the level of mastery of the course material that I have. One thing that I disliked about this class was how we quickly got off subject. There were a lot of people with amazing ideas and stories about certain subjects, but when there were questions asked that had little to do with the topic of the day, it took time from what needed to be learned. Though that happened, I still feel those question contributed greatly to the class. The randomness of topics sometimes opened my mind to new aspects that I never thought about before.
Overall, this class has taught me a lot. I feel that I have grown so much in being aware of other cultures. Even though I am not aware of all cultures fully, I developed a sensitivity to other cultures and a deep appreciation. I also been made aware of my ethnocentrism and imposed etic. This class also helped me understand certain concepts such as parenting and non-verbal communication cross-culturally. Even though I have my likes and dislike about this course, it was an honor to be a student in it. I am looking forward to using this new found knowledge in the workplace and in my personal life.

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