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Post modernity was the successor of modernity in the time line of social change. It celebrates diversity and focuses thoroughly on the importance of the unconscious and puts emphasis on the free. It is an anything goes theory, full of new age beliefs and decisions. There is no consensus regarding when exactly postmodernity started, what it actually is, or whether it even exists. The term 'postmodern' is irrational: modern means now, present, and up-to-date. Whereas postmodern means nothing but future.
Post modernism as a sociological theory argues the fact that no one theory is better than the other. It is a sociological theory very much against the standard ‘assumptions’ of modernist ...view middle of the document...


Ideas and values changed during the postmodern period. Post modern ideas about society, tended to reject the idea of science being key, there was a huge decline in the belief in science as a force for good and instead the environment and damage caused by industrialisation became a large concern. Society is now becoming a 'global' society with a questioning and rejection of old moral values. We also now belong to a society where consumption and lifestyle define our status rather than work and income.We are more influenced by other cultures and their beliefs and systems and so we are begining to use goods produced in a variety of countries, instead of just our own. We are more aware of popular cultures and they assume greater significance in our lives. The media control our perspectives and create our realities. People have become more interested in their own personal concern, rather than those of the state or politics. For example: we now tend to reject traditional politics in the sence of world issues, and instead take on personal perspectves, for example: feminism, pacifism, environmentalism or fundamentalism.
Post modern theorist, Baudrillard believes that: 'The secret of theory is that truth doesn't exist. You can't confront it in any way.’ (Baudrillard, 1993). Baudrillard is one main theorists of this time. He, along with other theorists such as Lyotard believes that science doesn’t give all the answers. They don’t try to be scientific in their work and don’t even pretend that their own work is right or true. The postmodern mind challenges what is accepted truth. According to Astley (1985) and Gergen (1992), as cited in Dierkes et. al. (2003), postmodernists challenge "the conventional wisdom, routines, static meanings, and axioms of 'normal' science, thereby exposing knowledge to non-dogmatic forms of thought"(P44). Baudrillard's most important book 'Simulacra and Stimulations' actually became the basis of the Matrix films. In his book he argues that this late-twentieth-century consumer culture in which we now live is a world in which simulations or imitations of reality have become more real than reality itself, a condition he describes as the “hyper-real.” He describes this hyperreality as being created by the media to create such idealistic representations of reality that out perform actually reality. In summary his theory is basically that we live in a media dominated world and meanings are mediated for us. Lives gain meaning through consumption and we ‘become’ products.
Lyotard provides one of the classic definitions of post-modernism when he described it as "incredulity toward metanarrative" (Williams,...

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