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A Literature Review On Post Occupancy Evaluation

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Through out this essay I will conduct a literature review on post occupancy evaluation, to give the reader and myself a better understanding what A Post occupancy evaluation (POE) is. I will also look into how it works for different people involved with the building and what benefits it may have for both the client and the users of the site. I will be looking for research to back up the use of this particular way of gathering data. This understanding of POE will then provide the information that the reader and myself require to understand the data gathered. The essay then leads onto an analysis of the data gathered from a survey that our class distributed to users of the university’s library. The analysis covers a range of topics from thermal comfort to the interior design of the building, and gives possible reasons for the findings using the percentages gathered from graphs, charts and tables that I personally have produced from the shared SPSS table of data.

Literature Review:

Introduction of literature review:

Through out this literature review I will be looking more closely into what A Post occupancy evaluation (POE) is, how it works and what benefits it may have for both the client and the users of the building. I will be looking for research to back up the use of this particular way of gathering data.

Information Gathered on Post occupancy evaluations (POE):

The first article that I looked at was named “the POE Study”. It stated “ a POE is a structured approach to the collection and analysis of data in relation to facility performance and the translation of these findings into action plans.” (Capital Projects and Service Planning, 2010) the article looks at what a POE survey should include and look at for example “develop an appropriate data collection methodology” and “conduct and analyse survey” (Capital Projects and Service Planning, 2010). The article talks about the two different types of “data collection methods” (Capital Projects and Service Planning, 2010) and that “information can be obtained by structured and semi structured: Focus groups, interviews”. (Capital Projects and Service Planning, 2010). These two methods are to get a fast and effective amount of information on the site that is being evaluated. “Survey / Questionnaire, Perhaps the most commonly employed technique is the structured questionnaire. This approach requires the development of a range of questions geared to measuring user responses to the required subject areas.
A major advantage of this approach is that it allows the survey of a large sample of users and thereby improves statistical reliability. Generally the best advice is “keep it simple”. (Capital Projects and Service Planning, 2010). The Article talks about different forms and methods of undergoing a POE, not only this but it looks into the good and bad points of each. It states the advantages of different methods, for example the survey approach is one of the more commonly used...

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