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Leadership theory taxonomy provides a list of effective leadership characteristics that can be beneficial to a leader and or an organization. The leadership theory taxonomy allows a leader/organization to govern who will fulfil a role, as well as which roles are missing. These characteristics are designed to construct theories based on personality, relationships, and developmental styles. When an individual optically canvass the leaders/managers around them, questions may arise on how those certain leaders/manager excel in their respectable positions.
Over the years, many folks have long been intrigued with leadership throughout the years, yet it has been comparatively recent in which a number of formal leadership theories have been developed. Attentiveness within leadership incremented during the premature years of the twentieth century. During this time, leadership theories fixated on what qualities distinguished amongst leaders/managers and the followers while other theories optically canvassed other variables such as circumstantial factors and adeptness levels. However, this paper will discuss four leadership theories that I tend to see utilized on a day to day basis at my place of employment, which are situational theory, contingency theory, trait theory and psychodynamic theory.
The first theory that will be discussed is the situational theory. Situational theory was established on the hypothesis that the specific approach of leadership required is contingent on the situation. Situational leadership is a leadership style that was studied and introduced by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey. This theory is referenced when a manager or leader within an organization must alter his or her style to adequately fit the growth level of the followers that he or she is trying to impact. Although applying situational leadership, it is left up to the leader/manager to adjust his or her style and not the follower to adjust to their leaders/managers style. The participating and fortifying style of situational leadership delegates responsibility to the followers. While the leader/manager still offers some coaching, the choices truly lies with that follower. The leader is there to suggest feedback and to increment the follower’s poise as well as motivation with accolade and feedback for the tasks consummated. Individuals that operate with this leadership style possess the obligatory skills, yet lack the confidence or motivation to attain them.
In situational leadership, the style may change continually to meet the needs of others in the organization based on the situation. The most important lesson from the situational theory is that information consumption becomes systematic when people find that information matches their subjective life problems (Grunig, 1997). Situational Leadership Theory can also be referred to as "Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory", which reflects major views from contingency celebrating. As the designation...

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