Post Positivist Problem Definition As We Look At Policy Analysis.

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This paper will be an overview of Chapter Six. In this chapter, different policies are explored on how to deal with the problem of school shootings. Although it is bigger than simply school shootings, that is the main concern. This chapter uses "postpositivist problem definition" to try to get a better insight on exactly what the problem is that is causing students to turn to gun violence and how it can be stopped. Policies such as the rational choice model and public choice theory are being examined. They are being used to look at how persons in a civilization behave and why they behave that way. Along with those theories, others were mentioned and will be explained in this paper.Positivism is a key point produced in this chapter. In the chapter, positivism is defined in theory as being a "rational, value-neutral, and quantitative approach to policy analysis". It is suggested in this chapter that students who are set to learn in this type of environment, then learn the "rational choice model and public choice theory". All of this is basically saying that, students who are situated in an environment such as that one presented, have a better chance of retaining and putting to use, the information they are being taught.When it comes to violence in schools, are students the only ones responsible? Although not as severe in all cases every year, violent behavior is a recurring event in schools, specifically high schools, across this nation. Although it should not be acceptable, fighting in schools is considered natural in this day and age. Two students may get into an argument with one another, it escalates into something more, too many students begin to pay it attention and neither student wants to back down so it turns into a fight. It happens at most if not all high schools and now, unfortunately, it is the least of anyone's worries. Why? Because now, instead of parents being able to relax with the simple thought their child being hurt, they must fret about their child coming home alive.It was hard enough in recent decades to get students to excel in their academics without the extra distractions. Now, kids must not only worry about someone bothering them, they must also worry about whether or not their school will be the next target for a shoot out or a bomb threat. Then after that, they must worry about whether or not they alone are the target specifically. During the 1997-1998 academic years there were at least seven school shootings. Most of which, turned out to be fatal. Although many people are simply concerned with stopping students from shooting at their fellow classmates, it goes much deeper than that. It goes much deeper than simply adding metal detectors to a school to stop students from being able to enter with weapons. It starts with the question "why?" Why are students bringing guns to school? Why are students so angry that they are turning to weapons to solve their problems? Why are others who are around these students not aware of...

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