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I really appreciate the presentations of the guest speakers for the End-of Life Care and Nutrition topic. I found the information very valuable and applicable at the personal and professional level. The three main things that I’ve learned from they are the legal considerations to consider while working with patients that had receive a diagnosis of death, to understand that hospice is a philosophy not a place and to know some essential tips to apply in order to assure that the nutrition treatment gives comfort to the patients. First of all, the presentation helped me to realize that patients have rights and we as a professionals need to respect them. For example, if the patients are ...view middle of the document...

Finally, I think that the nutrition tips that the guest speakers provided us are very significant. Instead of focus in push the patient to eat, we as dietitians may try to provide comfort, avoid foods that may hurt, reduce odors, and to keep the patients hydratated. After their presentation I comprehend that fasting or reducing intake may be normal in terminal patients and it provides some benefits such as secretion of hormones that reduce pain and on the other hand feeding the patients may worsen the health conditions.
The guest speakers presentations for End-of Life Care and Nutrition was helpful to me as it make me to realize the importance of considering the patient’s wishes regarding to artificial feeding, to have an appropriate concept of hospice and to figure out that in some situations fasting may be helpful and beneficial to the patient.
The other think that the presentations make me think about is the importance of determine our wishes regarding to medical treatments, to write down those in a legal document and to chose a medical attorney. I think that it is not pleasured to someone to talk about death but it is important. Since the topic was delivered in class I have been thinking about it and for know I will decide to give the medical attorney to my oldest sister as I am living just with my son now here in the U.S. and she is the only family member that I have here in Iowa. What I have tough that I will establish in my wishes is that I agree to receive artificial nutrition if needed. But I don´t want to...

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