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Great post! I definitely agree that the Soft&Tough manufacturer should market their new male skin care product to white collar men because these professionals are very image conscious and they want to present a youthful appearance to be competitive in their career (Anonymous, 2007). Also, professional men tend to spend more money on personal grooming products than blue-collar men (Anonymous, 2007).

You make a great point that baby boomer men would be very attracted to the Soft&Tough skin care line because of the allure of products anti-aging and skin protecting components. Market indicators suggests that professional baby boomer men are one of the largest growing group purchasing personal care products so this cohort group could become a very lucrative target set for the Soft&Tough company (Anonymous, 2007).

The Soft&Tough manufacturer determining the most optimal market segmentation for their product would enable the successful launch of their new male skin care product because it will help them identify the best target group (Kotler & Keller, 2009).

Again, great conference post. I enjoyed reading your post.
I enjoyed your write –up on Mac vs .Industry. You are correct in stating that Mac doesn’t feel the “threat of new entrants” at all. Mac products (a bit more expensive than a person would like to spend on a lap top), provides overall the best quality without the constant fear of virus attacks. It is because their product helps to remove fears of a possible virus attach is what keeps their customers loyal and willing to pay whatever the amount to avoid “headaches” of such...

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