Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Born On The Fourth Of July Movie

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Unsure of exactly what movie to watch, I looked for an interesting title on the list, hoping that one may jump out at me and interest me. I did not want to write a paper on something I had watched previously, as I did not want to have a biased opinion and I wanted to make sure I paid attention to all the details for the paper. If I had seen the movie before, I may have skipped over it or lost focus during the film. The title Born on the Fourth of July seemed patriotic and I wondered what exactly it would be about. I decided to research a synopsis of the film and realized it was about a soldier and in turn I assumed the disorder displayed in the movie would be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Knowing this is an abnormal psychology class and we were to be discussing a disorder I felt this would be a good assumption. The plot seemed okay and I knew the actors were good so I chose to view the film and decide if I could write a paper on it afterwards. In short, I enjoyed the film and thought it was a good depiction of PTSD and I decided this would be a great film for my paper.
Born on the Fourth of July is a film starring Tom Cruise who plays the role of Ron Kovic, a Vietnam War Veteran that deals with the repeated taunting of his deployment overseas and the aftermath associated with his decision to join in the war. He was injured and paralyzed on his tour and has to constantly cope with the flashbacks to his experience of killing innocent civilians while in the war setting. Throughout the film you see how a boy from a Massapequa, NY grows up and becomes a Marine in a time where people either seemingly supported the war or downright disagreed with it. With Kovic as the director, the viewer can really understand how he was inspired to become a Marine. He showed the process of joining the force and dealt with issues many new Marines may go through. It shows the hardship of a Marine’s first time deployed, and thoroughly shows every aspect the struggle of the physical and mental rehabilitation. It showed how he began drinking and partying in Mexico as a way to cope with his newly developed unpleasant attitude and displeasing demeanor. When he returns to the US as an advocate against the war, it shows the difficulty the protestors endured and how difficult their mission was. When the film ends it shows how Kovic went full circle from desiring to be in the Marines and being a part of the war, to a drunken protestor dealing with his PTSD and how he turned everything around and became a straight-laced advocate against war for the Democratic Party, speaking at the Democratic National Convention (Stone & Kovic, 1989).
When one goes through a stressful and traumatic ordeal, some individuals develop an anxiety disorder known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Although there are treatments available for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, its broad array of symptoms makes it a difficult condition to treat. Post Traumatic Stress...

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