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Post War Construction Essay

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Who is responsible for post war economic rebuild? That is the question that “End and Beginning” poses to the reader. The victor is usually the responsible party for cleanup and rebuilding. The first line of the poem portrays to the reader that someone must do it, “After each war somebody has to clear up put things in order by itself it won’t happen.” (Szymborska 690) What if the victor is an outside influence that has no intention of staying? The answer is the liberated country is responsible for its own reconstruction, but the outside country is responsible for assisting until that aid is no longer desired.
Regular day to day activities that can be seen in daily life can be compared to the concept of post war “clean up”. While these examples may seem to be on a much smaller scale it is still related to an aftermath issue. A person goes to eat at a fast food restaurant, and the staff doesn’t have much time to maintain the dining area. For the purpose of illustration we will assume the trash to be the “war”, patrons to be the liberator and the staff is liberated. In this example; the responsible parties are either the patrons or the staff. Which would be more suitable in this particular situation to take care of the necessity of trash removal? While it is a fact many patrons of dining establishments do dispose of their own “war fare’, to aid in the orderly functions of the restaurant, it is the responsibility of the staff (liberated party) to remove the trash.
The second example that depicts post war cleanup is children and their messes. In this example the children’s mess is the war. Further to illustrate this concept the liberating parties are parents and the grandparents are the liberated. When children and their parents go to the grand-parent’s home do the parents clean up after their children or do grandma and grandpa maintain the order of their home? At times parents have the tendency to become lax with the tidiness of their children when their own parents are there to help aid in the destruction, even though this is not the responsible thing to do. Continual destruction without aiding in cleanup will most likely cause the desire for visits to discontinue and in this case you have worn out your welcome.
Final example of post war construction is the controversy of inappropriate dog feces deposits. The unwelcomed deposit is the “war”. The dog owner would be the liberator while the property owner is the liberated. Many dog owners while going for a walk with their K-9 companion will allow their animal to leave their droppings in the grass of a park or in another person’s lawn. Then when the responsible party for manicuring the lawn goes to mow edge or weed eat they inevitably step in the smelly pile. This is irresponsible of the dog owner and should not be done. If the piles of droppings are not cleaned up they can leave an unsightly blemish on a well-cared for lawn, thus destroying the time and energy a person has invested...

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