Poster Presentation On Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

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Nowadays Society seems to have a problem dealing with child sexual abuse. It seems to appear almost daily and sorrowful is it often happens with incest. In order that children and adolescents, regardless of their race, culture, or economic status, appear to be at approximately equal risk for sexual victimization. Moreover child sexual abuse becomes an issue that makes people extremely uncomfortable, because it hurts to think about anyone harming children. However, unreported or untreated child sexual abuse not only scars children and destroys families, such as teen pregnancy is a long-term, expensive societal problem. Child sexual abuse is a major factor in teenage ...view middle of the document...

STEP 2: ASSEMBLE MATERIALS to make poster we need
a. feature board (polyporopylene sheet)
b. Drawing paper 18 “ x 24” (rough surfaces 150-200 gsm)
c. Glue
d. Adhesive tape (Double sided tape)
e. Scissors
f. Newspaper
g. Spray Paint
h. marker pens
i. Color Pencils
j. Paper
k. stationery (pencil , eraser , ruler)
STEP 3: As the work proceeds
1. Spread out sheets of newspaper on the floor to avoid color splashing or spraying directly to the floor
2. About the poster board we use pieces of paper, cut them to the shape that fit to future board. After that gluing to the future board and check that it sticks tightly.
3. Paint the the poster board in black with the spray paint
4. Use crimson spray paint and lightly mist on the lower right corner of the plates to create the rounded region.
5. After that we start painting support material on the paper cutting that members had cut before.
6. Make a heading and fill it in! Then carefully gluing all components item by item on the poster board and omit the writing space.
7. Write on the poster board with marker pens and then decorate a poster but putting handmade stencil over the poster board and then spraying on the stencil.
We created a poster which consists of many significant subtitles...

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